Case Backhoe Brake Repairs

Most Case backhoes since the mid to late 80’s  run “wet” brakes. This means that the brakes run in oil. This was a great advancement in backhoe transmission / brake design, as it allowed a much longer service life in comparison to the earlier “dry” brake design. It does mean however, that when the brakes do require repairs or overhaul, that it does cost the owner more money. ALR have extensive repair experience on all Case models from those early 580B; C; D; E; & SE models through to the later “wet” model transaxle on the 580SE; K; SK & the Carraro & New Holland axles on the 580/90L ; M; SR;

Some repairs can be carried out on-site, others will require the removal of the transaxle assembly or the rear axle, to carry out the reconditioning service. This removal can also be done on site or in our repair facility in Beenleigh. The repairs to the removed components are then carried out in our fully equipped workshop.

Most repair kits for the brake master cylinders are carried “in stock” for on-site repairs.

If you have any queries regarding the operation of the brakes on your backhoe loader, feel free to contact us for expert advice.


3 thoughts on “Case Backhoe Brake Repairs

    • Hi Brendan,
      There are a lot of variables in doing such a repair, machine location, actual condition of the brakes / brake piston bore – transmission housing / axle bearings, if any debris is found inside the transmission which warrants further investigation.
      The job does require about 3 days labour + parts + oil (60lt) & oil additives, filter.

      As you can see there are questions that need to be asked, you are welcome to give me a call next week – 0412 127 722

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