Backhoe Stall Test Specs

This test is carried out to check engine power & transmission & hydraulic efficiency. Place the transmission in 4th gear & hold the brakes – compare engine at full RPM in neutral & then compare under load by engaging Forward & then combining Forward & Hydraulic by crowding the loader bucket to full extent &[…]

Transmission Repair Service

We have extensive experience in diagnosing & repairing all transmissions found in Case Construction Equipment. Our component repair facility is located near Brisbane. Whether you are local, country, or interstate – we invite you to contact us regarding specialized Case Construction Equipment transmission repairs. We have repaired many transmissions that have been sent to us[…]

Tips on Preventative Maintenance

It never ceases to amaze me, that when times get tough in the construction industry, one of the first things that suffer is the machinery! How wise is it to miss a service or two, & risk a major component failure – wasting your money & most importantly – causing stressful downtime? Oil & filters[…]