March 10, 2022


Over the years this website has been of great assistance to many individuals seeking help with regards to maintaining & repairing their Case Construction Equipment. These folk are from all corners of the world, some people who may have operated machinery for many years & some who have just purchased their first piece of equipment or are thinking of buying something soon.

More than a few visitors here, have wanted to show some form of appreciation for the help they have received, so finally, due to the wonders of the World Wide Web I’ve come to realise it’s quite easy to add a button linked to my PAY PAL account!  😉

So now Ladies & Gentlemen we now inform you good hearted people, that it is indeed possible for you (if you wish) to buy me a beer (or two)!

Just click on the link below & then a PAY PAL page will open, type in the amount you wish to contribute (eg. $5.00 will be 5+0+0) Click the PayPal or Credit Card button, then enter your account details.

Thanks in Advance!



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