Backhoe Stall Test Specs

This test is carried out to check engine power & transmission & hydraulic efficiency.

Place the transmission in 4th gear & hold the brakes – compare engine at full RPM in neutral & then compare under load by engaging Forward & then combining Forward & Hydraulic by crowding the loader bucket to full extent & holding against the stops.

TIP – while checking a Borg Warner shuttle transmission on a 580C,D,E or K compare FWD to REV – often Rev is still like new & will load better than a worn out FWD 😉

fwd shuttle

A worn out Forward clutch pack – Borg Warner Shuttle

Hi rpm no load – 2370 rpm
Transmission – 2100 rpm
Hydraulic – 2230 rpm
Combined – 1500 rpm min

Hi rpm no load – 2425 rpm
Transmission – 2140 rpm
Hydraulic – 1920 rpm
Combined – 1040 rpm min

580SLE – Turbo
Hi rpm no load – 2425 rpm
Transmission – 2040 rpm
Hydraulic – 2230 rpm
Combined – 1410 rpm min

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