Case 430 Iveco Engine Replacement

Problem –  Received a call from customer saying they are having trouble starting the engine on their Case 430 Skid Steer Loader. After a series of questions it seemed the machine had rolled over & the operator had failed to shut down the engine…. Hmmm…

Diagnosis – An on-site inspection was carried out & amongst an oil drenched belly pan,  a two inch long piece of camshaft was found. Engine access to a 430 is very limited with the loader frame down & inability to raise the cabin, however some tricky camera work with a mobile (cell)  phone revealed the exit point of the item in question. Discussions were made with owner of the machine & he decided to take it to the local Case dealer for a quote for an insurance claim. A couple of weeks passed & new contact was made, insurance claim was rejected & the Case dealer wanted an astronomical amount of money to replace the Iveco 445/M2 engine. I made some calls to some contacts & came up with a replacement price of just over half of the dealer quote.

A recovery mission was undertaken to the Case dealer, to prepare the machine for transportation & gather all the dismantled pieces for some TLC at the ALR Laboratory – all this was included in the ALR repair price!

Repair – Brand new Iveco 445/M2 was fitted with a huge $$$ saving to a very happy client. 😉

4 thoughts on “Case 430 Iveco Engine Replacement

    • Hello Steve,
      Finding used engines for skid steers is very difficult.
      If you are looking for the Iveco engine, you would have a 420CT Series3 – correct?
      To locate a used engine in Australia, is quite a challenge. Are you in Australia?
      A new engine will be about the only other way to get your machine going, short of rebuilding your existing unit – depending on the amount of damage it has.
      If you are in Australia, feel free to give me a call & I’ll see what I can do for you.

      Andrew Frino

    • Hi Tracey,
      Unfortunately, We are not in a position to assist you as we are located in Australia.
      I suggest you contact wrecking yards or engine repairers in your area or neighbouring states.

      Stay safe
      Regards alrman.

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