Case 580L 4-390 Engine Repair

These pictures were on our previous website & I thought I would explain how this Case 580L ended up looking like this.


Problem – Had a call from a customer who said he had a strange “whirring” noise coming from the engine of his Case 580LE. This machine is fitted with a Case/Cummins 4-390 naturally aspirated engine.

Diagnosis – Inspected the machine on-site & it did indeed have a “whirring” noise coming from the front of his engine. Upon closer inspection I found an irregular bulge at the timing cover. I removed the bolts at the timing cover & prised it open & shone a light into the timing gears to see that the camshaft gear was not in alignment with the other gears & had moved out of it’s position & was rubbing against the timing cover. A visit to the ALR laboratory was now arranged.

Repair – In short, the camshaft retaining bolts had fallen out – after about 6000hrs of operation – this allowed the camshaft to move & also damaged the cam followers. Miracuously, the missing bolts ended up in the oil pan – without doing any real damage to any timing gears, & also the valve timing did not change significantly enough to allow valve contact with pistons. The items replaced – camshaft; camshaft followers; engine front cover; timing cover & seal; oil pump; front engine mountings


6 thoughts on “Case 580L 4-390 Engine Repair

  • Hi I have a case 580k 4×4 I have no fwd or rev in the rear but the 4×4 works in the front axle fwd and rev checked all linkages all on all fluids are good put outriggers down turned tires by hand both turn so I don’t think the axles are broken what do you think.

        • That’s a very unusual problem for a series 1. No grinding, banging noises? I have to ask this, it is in gear? It has happened before…….
          If it is in gear & still no drive, there has been a major malfunction & it really needs to be opened up. Drain the oil & see what you find.

          • No grinding or banging when I first start it and try to put it in fwd or rev it clunks like it goes in gear with no weight on rear tires the tires jerk for a quick second but I will drain the oil in the shuttle trans like you said and see if any metal thanks for your advice and I will get back to you thanks a lot

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