Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

When your hydraulic cylinders are leaking oil, some people think that a workshop repair is required.

We can reseal most cylinders onsite with a minimum of fuss on most machines up to about 8 – 10 tonnes. This includes –

  • all skid steer bobcats;
  • backhoe loaders;
  • some wheel loaders;
  • most crawler loaders, drotts, & dozers;
  • mini & mid size excavators;
  • farm tractor attatchments.

If no problems are encountered most cylinders can be resealed in about one hour. 95% of the time nothing more than new seals are required for the repair. Sometimes there are problems with either the cylinder rod or barrel that have brought about the leak, these will need to be repaired & obviously will take more time & money. Also some glands have been in place for a long time & can be quite a challenge to remove so it is impossible to quote exact prices for these types of repairs.

Don’t waste your money with oil leaks on your machine! ALR Earthmoving Repairs provide expert help along with many years experience in carrying out this type of onsite, in the field repair.


3 thoughts on “Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

  • My own excavator has been having a lot of trouble lifting its loads lately. I have reason to believe that the hydraulic fluids might be leaking. I think it’s amazing that some leaks can be repaired in about an hour without ever going into a shop! A fast fix would save me a lot of time and allow me to get working again very quickly.

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  • It is known that a hydraulic cylinder works as the heart of any machinery so it is very important to ensure that proper steps are being taken to maintain hydraulic cylinders in our machines.

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