Skid Steer Loader FAQ

Case 40XT Skid SteerTIP – Probably more important than any other machine – the belly pan of a skid steer should be kept clean. Not too big of a job if done regularly.

** If you ever replace a hydraulic hose on your machine – thoroughly clean the inside of it before fitting!**

Q: My hydraulic oil level keeps going down & I can’t find any oil leaks?
A: You will find at least one of your drive motors to be leaking into it’s chain case & it will be overfilled with oil. The motor should be removed to be repaired or replaced.

Q: Why does my skid steer lose drive on on side when it gets to operating temperature?
A: This is usually a symptom of loss of pressure & flow due to worn components. Specialized knowledge is required to repair hydrostatic systems. Unless you have a service manual & testing equipment, you will have trouble trying to repair this yourself, it may be time to call in the pro’s.

Q: How do I adjust the tracking, so it will drive in a straight line?
A: (Manual Levers) First check to be sure none of the control linkages have become loose. If all is OK, there are stop bolts/screws on the hand controls that can be adjusted to allow left or right levers to travel a little more or less – which ever is required.
(Pilot Controls) – call the pros!

Q: Can I adjust neutral to stop it creeping?
A: (Manual Levers) Best carried out with all wheels off the ground. There could be a wide variety of issues here. Worn linkages, broken centralizing springs, broken transmission mounting bolts, worn dampeners, If you can’t see something obvious & are not sure what to adjust, best to call pro’s, as I have seen things get pretty messed up in this department…..
(Pilot Controls) – call the pros!

Q: Engine runs, but there is no drive!
A: Likely a broken coupling or stripped shaft between the engine & transmission pumps.

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